Episode 399: Bruce McClary

Bruce McClary

The surprising results of a December poll by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling show that more than half of all Americans are unsure about their financial futures. NCFF spokesperson Bruce McClary (@BruceMcclary) tells Home & Family Finance Radio that we’re guilty of a lack of savings and unmanageable debt…but he shows us the way to financial stability. Learn what you should do now!

Original Air Date: January 18, 2015

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Episode 398: Garland Williams

Garland Williams

During Veterans Month, Home & Family Finance Radio (along with host and Vietnam veteran Paul Berry) thanks our veterans for their service and offers good advice for those who transition from military warrior to “Joe or Josephine Citizen.”  Making the transition can be easy if you follow the advice of Retired Army Colonel Garland Williams.  If you’re leaving the service, he knows the best path back into civilian life.

Original Air Date: November 9, 2014

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Episode 398: Karen Gibbs

Karen Gibbs

It’s time to start thinking “smartly” about the holiday shopping season. There’s no one better at that than Maryland Public Television’s expert Karen Gibbs, who brings her “Smart Thinking About Your Money” to this holiday shopping season! Karen says you need to get into the right frame of mind to be smart about holiday shopping and save yourself money and time.

Original Air Date: November 9, 2014

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Episode 397: Sandra Block

Sandra Block

Kiplinger Magazine Senior Associate Editor Sandra Block (@sandyblock) is at it again, trying to save you money by explaining the right ways to borrow for college. Sandra says it is not too early to plan, but plan in a sensible and money-saving way so you pick the right loan programs if you need a loan.  And be careful about selecting  the right school – not only for your student, but for your budget.

Original Air Date: November 2, 2014

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Episode 395: Carolyn Bigda

Carolyn Bigda

Kiplinger Investment Editor Carolyn Bigda (@CarolynBigda) wants you to give yourself a gift this holiday season by taking advantage of stocks that could really be cooking in 2015. She names names and explains in an enlightening segment how to really cash in on Holiday Cheer with Kiplinger’s Stock Picks for the 2014 holiday shopping season!

Original Air Date: December 21, 2014

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Episode 395: Jane Whitfield

Jane Whitfield

This wonderful holiday season is put into prospective in terms of purpose and spirit by Jane Whitfield (@JaneWhitfield), President & CEO of the PenFed Foundation, which is working tirelessly for veterans around the world and here at home. Jane, who lost a son during the war in Afghanistan, reminds us of their service to our freedom and safety and how it becomes so much more emotional and real during the holiday.

Original Air Date: December 21, 2014

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